viernes, 30 de agosto de 2019

Speaking exam- sample video

How the Cambridge English: First Speaking test is assessed 
As you do the test, the assessor focuses on these areas of your English:

Grammar and Vocabulary 
Are you using a range of grammatical structures and vocabulary? Are you using these
structures and vocabulary correctly? Are you using vocabulary which is appropriate for a
range of familiar topics?

Discourse Management 
Are you using both long and short answers, depending on the task? Is everything you say
relevant to the task? Are your ideas expressed clearly? Are you using some language to link
and organise your ideas? Are you able to speak fluently and with very little repetition?

You don’t need to have an English accent, but it is important to be clear. Are you
pronouncing individual sounds clearly? Are you placing stress on the right parts of words and
on the right words in sentences? Does your voice go up and down at the right times?

Interactive Communication 
Are you able to interact with the other candidate easily and effectively? Are you listening to
the other candidate and answering in a way that makes sense? Are you able to start a
discussion and help keep it going with your partner? Can you think of new ideas to add to the

The interlocutor focuses on your Global Achievement. This is about your general
performance. How well are you speaking about the topics you are given? Are your answers
clear and fluent? Are you using language that is right for the Cambridge English: First level?
When your test is complete, the examiners give you marks for each of these things:
Grammar and Vocabulary, Discourse Management, Pronunciation, Interactive
Communication and Global Achievement. The marks are for what you do over the whole
Speaking test, not for each part of the test. The examiners give you marks for your own

performance – they don’t compare you with the other candidate.